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So Blue

I hate to admit it, but I have always had a hard time photographing blue jays.  For such a common bird, found in almost everyone’s back yard, you would think getting a good pic would be a slam dunk.  Nay, not for me.  They don’t visit my bird feeder at home even though almost a dozen other species regularly do, and when I encounter them in the wild they flee from me like the plague.  So I was pleased when this jay perched a mere twenty feet from me (you see him checking me out) then came to the same conclusion every other one of his breed inevitably do and promptly ditched me for the security of the forest.  I try not to take it personally, but after a while a guy begins to wonder.  Well at least I snapped this one nice shot, and of course there’s always tomorrow.


Unlike the jay, this white-throated sparrow liked me quite a bit and let me get within a few yards of him.



This red-shoulder hawk was surveying its domain.


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